French Revolution Vocabulary Activity

Vocabulary is the foundation of understanding in all content area classes. If students are speaking the same language as the teacher and the textbook they are much more likely to be able to effectively comprehend (and make sense of) lesson content as it is presented. Students need to be able to understand the definitions and significance of key vocabulary terms as well as how the terms are related to one another. There are a variety of activities that you can implement in your classroom to teach vocabulary. Below I am sharing one of my go-to activities for introducing terms at the start of a unit/section. The example in this post is from our World History Unit on the French Revolution, but keep in mind that this worksheet can be adapted to any unit of study.

You can find a free printable pdf version of the French Revolution Vocabulary worksheet here.

Sometimes I print copies of the worksheet for each student. This happens most often at the beginning of the year when I am introducing the activity. The printable worksheet allows students to get a feel for how I want their paper set up. As time goes on and students become comfortable with this vocabulary assignment, I either post the printable on Edmodo  for them to print off themselves of allow students to set up the vocabulary chart on their own notebook paper as long as the follow the same format as the printable workseet.

What is your go-to assignment/activity for introducing new vocabulary terms?


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