Bullet Journal System: A Month End Review

I have been using the bullet journal system for about a month now. I was originally attracted to this system because of its flexibility.  A blank journal is full of endless possibilities; it can become absolutely anything that I want it do be! For now, however,  it is strictly a planner.

The past month in my bullet journal has been full of experimenting. I toyed around with the different types of spreads (monthly, daily, weekly) until I figured out what works best for me. It turns out to be the weekly spreads that best fit my needs. Here is what I came up with:

31764353122_bca2b27cb1_oI divide my weekly spread into five main sections: Appointments, Weekly Tasks, Gratitude, Meal Ideas, and To Do. These sections encompass everything that I have going on and help me to stay focused on my goals.

The “To Do” section is really the heart of my bullet journal. Writing out all of my to do’s for the week on Sunday nights is just too overwhelming, so I decided to fill in my to do list each morning as part of my morning routine. This helps me to flow through the week by doing what I feel inspired to do each day. The beauty of this system of planning is that if I find that writing out my to do’s each day no longer works for me, I can just change it up. There is no need to go out and spend money on a new planner, I can literally just flip the page and start fresh.

There are some really beautiful bullet journals out there and the temptation to decorate my journal was very strong when I first began using it. I did make some attempts at decorating my journal in my first few weekly spreads, but I found the whole decorating process to be stressful. It was hard to come up with ideas of what to do so I found myself spending hours watching “Plan With Me” videos on YouTube (Check out Boho Berry when you get a chance. I love her bullet journal). The videos were inspirational and gave me lots of ideas, but my execution was never quite as pretty as the bullet journalists I had watched on YouTube. So, I decided to just scrap the decorating and focus on productivity. Maybe one day I’ll revisit the idea of decorating my bullet journal, but for now I love my system just the way it is.

What is your favorite planning system? How do you make it work for you?





One thought on “Bullet Journal System: A Month End Review

  1. I also felt, during my journey with the bullet journal, that the decor was taking too much of the productivity of it. That’s why the Boho Berry style is not fit for me. Also, in these days, I’m more of a minimalistic person, and simplicity is feeling very nice!
    Good luck on your journey and happy 2017! 😀


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