Lesson Plan Template: Daily Plans

Throughout my teaching career I have tried various methods of lesson planning. At first, I started out with weekly plans. This was overwhelming and I often felt “stumped” when it came to coming up with ideas and creative ways to present history content because I was looking at so much at one time. For me, it just didn’t work.

More recently I have been using daily plans. I took the common board configuration that my county wants all teachers use and turned that into my daily lesson plan template. You can see the template below and download a copy for yourself here.


This daily lesson plan template has worked out great so far. I love the fact that it helps me to focus on one lesson at a time. It also helps me do a better job of chunking history content for my students. I pair my daily plans with a monthly outline of the units/lessons we will be covering as well as test and quiz dates. This has worked wonders for me and has reignited my passion for lesson planning.

If you prefer an online lesson plan book, check out my blog post about Chalk.com here.

What is your preferred method of lesson planning?


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