Five Minute Fillers: Pinch Card Review

Pinch cards were first introduced to me during an in-service training.  If you are not familiar with pinch cards they look like this:

Basically, you print off a class set of pinch cards and you can use them to have students answer questions. Each student should have their own card. You pose a question and students literally pinch underneath their answer while holding up their card so you can see their response.

Pinch cards can be used at the drop of a hat. You can prepare questions in advance, or you can ask questions off the top of your head. I like to use double sided pinch cards. One side will have letters A, B, C, D, and E and the other side will say True / False. This allow you to ask a variety of questions. Plus, I find that true or false questions are easier to make up off the top of my head. If I am asking true or false question, I always make sure to have a student explain how they know something is true or why a statement is false. Simply asking true or false and leaving it at that does not, in my opinion, do much good in the way of reviewing. Students need to know and be able to explain their thinking.

Most days I pass out the pinch cards during first period and don’t collect them again until the end of 7th period. This way I am not constantly passing the pinch cards out and collecting them again during every class. The cards live on students desks and they know that when it is time to pack up they should leave the cards for the next class.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to give pinch cards a try.

Happy Teaching!


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