I Want You to be Inspired; I Want You to be Yourself!

One of my most important goals is to inspire my students. I want to inspire them to chase after their dreams, to work to their full potential, and to be kind to others. Most of all, I want to inspire my students to be themselves.

Our students live in a world where their social life lives at the end of their fingertips. They are constantly connected to social media and as a result they are constantly connected to their peers. Kids can be so very mean to one another (especially on social media) and the unending peer pressure to look and act a certain way can stifle students from being who they truly are.

From the moment my students walk through that classroom door on the first day of school I want them to feel secure in knowing that they are free to be themselves without being put down or disregarded. My classroom is a safe haven and my students know that I will love them for who they are without judgement.

This belief is what led me to create the “Be You” bulletin board in my classroom. I found the idea for this bulletin board on Pinterest and immediately fell in love because it conveyed exactly the message that I wanted my students to hear, loud and clear, as they entered my classroom for the first time. Throughout the year, my students grew to love the “Be You” bulletin board as well so we left it up all year long!

007 (2)This is what the “Be You” bulletin board looks like. 

As we all gear up to go back to school try not to get too caught up in all the standards we have to teach and things we have to do. The to-do list will always be there and, trust me, it is never ending. Never lose sight of the fact that your students are watching your every move. Be kind, be respectful, be yourself and inspire your students to do the same.


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