Awakened Book Study

At the beginning of June I came across a link to the Awakened Book Study while perusing blogs online. Awakened is a book that gives tips on how to “change your mindset to transform your teaching”. I thought that this was an area that I needed help with, so I went ahead and ordered the book. Oh, what a blessing this book has been. It has given me insight into some of the negative thought patterns that I have. It has opened my eyes to the fact that you do not have to think every thought that pops into your mind. Some thoughts represent a negative emotional state and dwelling on those thoughts can affect your mood for the entire day. This notion is something that I had not considered before.

If you are struggling with a negative mindset or are looking for ways to reignite your passion for teaching, I highly recommend reading Awakened: Change your Mindset to Transform your Teaching. The author, Angela Watson, has also written a companion to Awakened for Christian educators called The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators.The devotional has a section to go along with each chapter in Awakened. It has scripture, application questions, and reflection questions that help you to delve deeper into understanding your own negative thought patterns and how to change them.

If you are interested in reading Awakened you can get more information about the book and where to purchase it here. I hope that you do choose to order the book and read it with an open mind. I’m sure that you won’t regret it. If you are currently reading Awakened, please leave your thoughts on the book in the comments! I would love to connect with you.


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